Senior UX designer and creative front-end developer with a high level of business understanding.
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Need help?

Need help?

I can assist with the whole specter of digital product development. This is what I do.

I ask questions | Prototypen – Senior UX consultant, Axel Ferdinand Giæver
Research & Analysis

I ask questions

You can't build a great product unless you know your audience. A project should never start without doing proper research. What are the user needs? What are the business goals? What technology can we use? It’s in the intersection of these the real business is located. I’m able to locate that intersection.

I conceptualize | Prototypen – Senior UX consultant, Axel Ferdinand Giæver
Concept Development & Strategy

I conceptualize

With insight from the strategy, the brand, the users and the content I’m designing for, I explore various means and choose a direction for the design process. A great concept responds not only to discoveries in the analysis, but also contains elements of innovation.

I design & code | Prototypen – Senior UX consultant, Axel Ferdinand Giæver
Design & Prototyping

I design & code

In my opinion, a digital design process without deep code understanding, lead to poor, expensive and not very user-friendly solutions. Sketches alone can never cover all the complex interactions of a digital product.

With design tools such as Adobe XD, front-end code, or just pen and paper (usually a combination of the three), I bring concepts to life, and test them throughout the design process. Without exception I work after mobile-first principles, bringing the most important content to the top.

I iterate | Prototypen – Senior UX consultant, Axel Ferdinand Giæver

I iterate

Digital products may be delivered, but they are never complete. To make a product stand out, I believe you have to continuously iterate on it by testing the product on real users, track the usage and gather customer feedback. Try. Fail. Do it again.

 | Prototypen – Senior UX consultant, Axel Ferdinand Giæver

The result?

Great user experiences.

But let's face it. Great work won't generate great results if you do all the work on your own. The greatest digital products are built by talented people working together in interdisciplinary teams. I believe in teamwork – not a one man show.